If you are a lawyer, reading is an indispensable part of your life. If you are in law school and trying to be a lawyer, please take note! Law is such a dynamic field that new developments, judgments, rules, amendments, emerge almost daily. Apart from staying updated with regard to all recent amendments and rules, a lawyer must also work on certain skills for his/ her professional development. In this blog post we are going to talk about certain must-have books, i.e. Best Books for Lawyers. 

Learning the Law

Author: Glanville L. Williams

Pages: 252

Language: English

ISBN-10: 8175340061

ISBN-13: 978-8175340060

First Published: 1945

Learning the Law is a primer and a summary that covers all the basics of law. When you read law or are generally in the legal field, you will be aware that there are certain legal terminologies used while drafting documents, or a certain way to cite references, along with a peculiar way to conduct yourself in different courts of law. Often, even the most established lawyers do not know the reason behind them. The reasons are all intricately explained in the book. You will find answers to the most basic questions like, “What is the difference between common law countries and civil law countries?” or “Why are all criminal cases referred to as State v. XYZ? What has the State got to do with it?” Learning the Law, is essential for you if you are a student and a great refresher if you are a practicing attorney. For us, Learning the Law tops the list of the best books for lawyers. 

The Tools of Argument: How the Best Lawyers Think, Argue, and Win

Author: Joel P. Trachtman

Pages: 202

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1481246380

ISBN-13: 978-1481246385

Published: July 25, 2013

The second book on our list of best books for lawyers is ‘The Tools of Argument’ by Joel P. Trachtman. The book lays down the basic principles of argument very effectively and lucidly. If you are a lawyer wanting to explore litigation, or a student wondering what courtrooms are like, then this book provides a highly fascinating read. An interesting part about this book is that the author describes a subject matter and enunciates the different ways in which the same subject may be argued. The author further elaborates on the tools that can be used to accomplish the same. Although the book is not a one-stop solution to defend your case in the courts of law, it will most certainly provide you with the tricks of the trade and will guide you to present and defend your point in any argument. So if you want to improve your argument skills, strengthen your logical persuasion and argue effectively, this book is for you. 

The Legal Analyst: A Toolkit for Thinking About the Law

Author: Ward Farnsworth

Pages: 326

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0226238350

ISBN-13: 978-0226238357

Published: 10 July 2007

Ward Farnsworth, the author, is Dean and John Jeffers Research Chair at the University of Texas’ School of Law. Professor Farnsworth beautifully takes an analogy, lucidly breaks the analogy into simpler terms, explains it, and uses the same analogy to explain various aspects of law. The book in itself is an experience one will always cherish. It is surely a thought-provoking book that would compel one to look at the law from different perspectives. In other words, if you want to understand the rationale behind the various laws and rules that govern society, you have to read this book. Along with law students, this book is also highly recommended for experienced practitioners since the book most adeptly refreshes legal thinking and legal imagination. The book is intriguing, informative, and challenging, all at the same time! A definite recommendation from us and a proud addition to our list of Best Books for Lawyers.

The Rule of Law

Author: Tom Bingham

Pages: 213

Language: English

ISBN-10: 014103453X

ISBN-13: 978-0141034539

Published: 1 February 2011

Another timeless classic is The Rule of Law. As said in the preface, this book is suitable not only for lawyers but also for non-lawyers who are interested in the concept of the Rule of Law. Although the book was written several years ago, however, not an ounce of its relevance has been lost in today’s society. The book is substantially supported by evidence and relevant facts, albeit with little expansive commentary. The book discusses the most vital legal events in history, like the Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus (We presume you are an attorney, or a law student and do not need us to explain this term. If you do, however, then we do not mean to sound rude, but a little research is always good for a student!), the US Constitution, the French Declaration, etc. that have shaped the present that we live in today. In our view, The Rule of Law is a definite must-have amongst the best books for lawyers.

The Game Changing Attorney: How to Land the Best Cases, Stand Out from Your Competition, and Become the Obvious Choice in Your Market

Author: Michael Mogill 

Pages: 292

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1544512511

ISBN-13: 978-1544512518

Published: 18 October 2018

The biggest roadblock to becoming a successful lawyer has little to do with law per se. Yes, you read that right. You may be a great attorney; you may have great communication and research skills; you are persuasive, argumentative and you do not take no for an answer. But a client still won’t step into your chamber. This happens to a lot of lawyers, especially those who have recently set up their practice. Michael Mogill’s The Game Changing Attorney is the answer to your questions. Michael Mogill is a marketing expert, and in this book he talks about and shows you how to immediately connect with potential clients through a process of creating powerful, convincing, and compelling visual content. It’s a one-stop shop marketing book for all lawyers and shows how to effectively communicate your unique value to your current and potential clients. With unprecedented times ahead, growing competition, and a tough market to survive in, this book is definitely a savior and one of the best books for lawyers.

Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation’s Top Advocates

Author: Ross Guberman

Pages: 424

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0199943850

ISBN-13: 978-0199943852

Published: 22 May 2014

Written by Ross Guberman, who is the founder of Legal Writing Pro, which is an advanced legal-writing training and consulting firm. Carefully researched, systematically constructed, and precisely written from beginning to the end – Point Made is the most important book to have as a lawyer. The author ingeniously draws on the writings of some of the best advocates in the country, like Carter Philips, Larry Lesig, Nancy Abell, John Roberts, Andy Frey, John Payton, to name a few. The author provides his critics with insights, views, and also lessons in grammar that must be used to get your point across. In summary, the book provides clear ways to drastically improve your legal writing skills. 

  1. The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law

 Author: Nancy Levit and Douglas O. Linder

Pages: 424

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0199943850

ISBN-13: 978-0199943852

Published: 22 May 2014

Last, but definitely not the least of the Best Books for Lawyers – it is The Happy Lawyer. How could we miss this one?! The legal field is full of stress, which eventually gets lawyers depressed, frustrated and takes a substantial toll on their health. The authors address just that in the book. They in fact make a bold statement in the foreword that, “Many lawyers, as many as 70 percent in one poll, say they would not choose a legal career if they had to do it all over again!” The book is essentially about techniques and thoughts that would help lawyers have a better life. It is an insightful, enlightening, and an eye-opening book about lawyer happiness. And therefore, it is also one of the Best Books for Lawyers to have.