A day of a lawyer is researching, reporting, and reviewing the document to develop a trial strategy. A first working laptop can help you accomplish these tasks easily in your role as a lawyer. Therefore, lawyers spend too much time choosing the best laptop for them. 

If you want to buy a hang-free, easy-to-carry, multi-tasking, and secure laptop for your legal profession, this article is especially for you. Here we discussed excellent tips which will save you from the big mistake of purchasing a new laptop. You can select hang-less, portable, and durable laptops for yourself in the light of the tips.

What Should Lawyers Look At When Choosing A Laptop?

The best laptop for lawyers is not technologically advanced or the most expensive. So, buy the laptop according to your needs based on the way you work, your budget, and where you work. Consider the multiple factors of a laptop configuration, including CPU, screen size, battery life, weight, and the ports and inputs it offers.


The CPU is the computer’s brain. The best central processing unit (CPU) delivers a faster and better speed to a laptop. To ensure an excellent performance computer, Core i5 to i7 processor is necessary for your laptop. Similarly, CPU speed is calculated as gigahertz (GHz; one billion cycles per second, equal to 1,000 MHz). If a CPU can complete more cycles per second, it can execute more operations. So, 2.4 GHz would be better, but 2 GHz may be acceptable. A lawyer must buy a laptop that is 8th or 10th generation.


The memory of a computer is known as random access memory (RAM). It is one of the most significant components of a computer. It determines your computer system’s performance. The speed and performance of your laptop directly correlate to the RAM. The laptop will be slow and sluggish if your system has too little RAM. Random-access memory (RAM) is a temporary space for a laptop where your computer executes its commands. If you ensure a large amount of RAM for your laptop, your device will process more data at a superb speed. We recommend purchasing a laptop device for advocates with at least 8GB RAM.

Note: Better CPU would be useless if your laptop has too little RAM. Because, the CPU and RAM work together to deliver the excellent performance of a computer.


Internal or on-device storage space is still essential to store and save your information and documents on a laptop. We recommend a laptop device for a lawyer with at least 256GB of storage. Good storage capacity can help store apps and every management software you want.


A professional lawyer requires a prolonged continuous sitting using a laptop. The laptop will exhaust your eyes if you use it for a long time. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing the screen of your laptop device. We recommend a laptop screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels with the full high-definition (HD). So, buy a blue light feature or eye protection feature to save your eyes.

Battery life

Good Battery backup is a key specification to pay attention to busy lawyers. If you need to carry your laptop to different places, 10-hour battery life or more will be perfect.


A lawyer’s laptop is filled with essential documents and files. Less durable laptops mean a high risk of losing this data. You will lose your data if any system of the laptop has been destroyed. Similarly, collecting that data and inserting it into a new laptop is a dull task. The durability of a laptop device is something that you could not understand by manufacturer specifications. So, find a buyer community and read the reviews of the top laptop model by its user. Carefully note what others say about your selected laptop model. Besides, seeing the laptop physically may help you choose the best one for yourself by holding it in your hands. Because touching a laptop device may help you to determine its quality. Is it solid and well-built or not?

You should be aware of laptop features before buying a laptop to do your daily job duties as a lawyer. Because these requirements are distinct for different lawyers.

  • Size and portability
  • wireless connectivity options
  • The solid-state drive (SSD)
  • Good webcam for meetings
  • Secure to not let your data get infringed–Privacy is vital

What Type Of Laptop Is Best For Lawyers: Mac or Windows PC?

It depends on your personal choice of which type of laptop you should buy. Windows-based PC laptops and Apple’s MacBook are approximately similar except for a few features. A MacBook is a more expensive laptop than a Windows-based PC laptop with similar specifications. But Apple’s MacBook is more durable and delivers a better experience than a PC laptop. If you are familiar with the Apple ecosystem, Apple products are best for privacy and security if MacBooks fit your budget. A PC laptop is the best option for getting the same specification at a lower budget. You may buy a laptop according to your test and choice.

What Brand Of PC Should A Lawyer Buy?

Another complex problem comes in making the purchase decision of a laptop to practice the law, which is the brand. You will find a dozen of laptop brands and manufacturers in the laptop market. You may find the best laptop from the best brand by researching on Google. In Google, you can easily find a computer or laptop user community for making a purchase decision.

Fortunately, there is little chance to be wrong with buying a durable laptop from the following brands like Dell, Lenovo, and Microsoft. Dell is the biggest name in the laptop market. Check out Dell, which usually supplies the best traditional laptops. The hardware of the Dell laptop is an ideal rival of the MacBook pro for its design and build quality. Lenovo is near the top of the list of the best laptops ranking. Similarly, Microsoft laptops are more lightweight, reliable, and high-rated for professional use.

Note: If you want to buy a Windows laptop for world-class performance, you should purchase from a well-known and trustworthy brand. 

The Best Laptops For Legal Professionals

Lawyers are a very specific type of professional who needs a solid laptop for a large amount of law software in the market. A professional lawyer needs to carry documents, files, and other data via laptop. As a lawyer, you’re perhaps looking for a ready-made solution, to find the best laptop to buy; we’ve made the best laptops list for lawyers and law students. You may choose a functional and durable latest laptop model from the below list:

Apple MacBook Pro

  • Operating System: Mac OS X
  • RAM: 8 – 16 GB
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
  • Storage: 256 GB – 1 TB
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 – i9 |
  • Magic Keyboard
  • Incredibly fast

Apple MacBook Pro is the best laptop to buy for high processing power, which offers you to run programs according to your need. Some users say It’s overpriced, maybe justify for its performance and lightweight design. The two Thunderbolt 3 ports are admirable as well. Its feature will help to take a lot of notes quickly.


  • Super first
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding performance
  • Good built


  • Touchscreen features unavailable
  • Expensive
  • No Tablet mode

Dell XPS 13

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Battery Life: 12 + hours
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Weight: 6.09 Pounds (rigid aluminum frame for security)
  • 2 in 1 laptop & tablet

Dell’s XPS is well known for its excellence in performance and reliability. The XPS 13 is a fantastic computer for the legal profession. It is the best budget laptop for a lawyer, which delivers a smooth experience with all the best law office software.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 / i7 / AMD Ryzen 7
  • RAM: 8 – 32 GB
  • Battery Life: up to 11.5 Hours
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Storage: 128 GB – 1 TB
  • Weight: 2.79 Pounds
  • Thin, lightweight design
  • Two USB ports
  • Quick charging

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 series is one of the best laptops to buy for the legal profession. It has a stunningly clear 15-inch screen to help the researcher. The slimmest designs make it easy to carry. This device is especially suitable for both work and relaxation. Also, there are several available fun color options.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon has come with an Intel Core i7 Processor and webcam feature to keep your data secure. The thoughtful design includes 4 USB ports, a fingerprint reader, and an HDMI port. 11-hour battery life with a single charge.

The Bottom line

The right laptop may change your working performance and working speed. Similarly, the wrong laptop will destroy your success rate and working test. Before selecting a laptop for professional aims, remember that you are going to invest money for your every hour of work. Because, you should use it to accomplish your everyday job. So, select a fast laptop with an excellent data security feature for your legal profession.