Whether you’re a law student, a practicing attorney, or just someone with an interest in legal matters, podcasts can be a fantastic way to dive into the complexities of the law, get updates on recent cases, and hear from experts in the field.

Here’s an expanded list of some of the best legal podcasts sorted into categories, making it easier for you to find ones that suit your interests.

Legal News and Current Events Podcasts

Bloomberg Law Podcast:

A mix of the latest legal news and in-depth analyses, featuring discussions with Bloomberg Law reporters and experts.

The Lawfare Podcast

Offers insightful discussions on significant legal issues at the intersection of national security, law, and policy.

Legal Talk Network

An array of podcasts that cover everything from the business of law to law school advice and niche legal fields.

Legal Education and Practical Insights

The Litigation Psychology Podcast

Provides advice on the psychological aspects of litigation, from dealing with witnesses to understanding jury behavior.

The Lawyerist Podcast

Covers topics relevant to young lawyers and small firm practitioners, such as legal tech and firm management.

Above the Law – Thinking Like a Lawyer

Offers a variety of shows with practical advice and commentary on the legal profession, legal technology, and career advice.

Consumer Law

Our Curious Amalgam

Explores antitrust and consumer protection law through expert interviews and discussions on significant cases.

Consumer Finance Monitor

Focuses on regulatory and compliance issues in consumer financial services.

The Privacy Advisor Podcast

Discusses topics related to privacy laws and practices, essential for understanding consumer rights in the digital age.

Supreme Court and Constitutional Law

Advisory Opinions

Discusses legal theories related to recent court cases with a focus on constitutional law.

Strict Scrutiny

Analyzes the Supreme Court’s activities, key cases, and the justices themselves.

More Perfect

Delves into the stories behind some of the Supreme Court’s biggest rulings and how they impact our everyday lives.

Special Interest and Commentary

The Problem with Jon Stewart

Tackles legal and political issues with Jon’s characteristic wit and depth.

Factually with Adam Conover

Discusses legal issues among broader societal and cultural topics.

Opening Arguments

Breaks down legal issues in the news and provides commentary on various cases.

Ethics and Legal Behavior

Lawyers Behaving Badly

Shares stories about legal professionals facing ethical challenges and the darker aspects of the legal field.

Case Law Analysis

Cases and Controversies

Offers previews, reporting, and analysis of major judicial decisions.

In the Know with Catalyst

Provides insights into litigation and the role of e-discovery in the legal process.


Each podcast offers a unique perspective on the legal field, making them valuable resources for anyone interested in law’s multifaceted world. Whether you’re looking for professional growth, educational content, or a deeper understanding of legal proceedings, this list has something for everyone.

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