Law firms are always in need of high-quality content to keep their websites relevant and up-to-date. But many law firms do not have the time or bandwidth to create the amount of content needed to grow their website and online presence. That’s why many firms hire content writing services to help them create content. In this blog, we’ll provide a list of the best content writing services for law firms that you should consider.

Blue Seven Content

Blue Seven Content is a small content marketing agency that provides a wide range of content writing services to law firms. From our testing, the content they provide is well written and as accurate as you can be for not being a lawyer or paralegal. With that being said, we do recommend their service but you will need to always read the content before posting.


LawTurbo is a leading SEO agency for personal injury lawyers. We offer comprehensive content writing services that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of law firms. Our team of experienced writers have a deep understanding of the legal industry and will work with you to create content that is engaging, on-brand and SEO optimized.

Freelance Writing Platforms

If you are looking for a budget-friendly approach, consider hiring a freelance writing platform. Although these platforms offer hundreds if not thousands of writers, finding the ideal writer who is specialized in law will typically requires a significant amount of time to test out writers until you find someone you like. However, if you are willing to put in the time/money you can find expert level writers for half the cost of these other services.

Here are a few freelance platforms to choose from:

Lexicon Legal Content

Lexicon Legal Content creates informative, jurisdiction-specific, and compelling content to improve rankings and establish your firm as a thought leader in your legal practice area. Their team consists of highly-qualified legal content writers who are able to explain complex legal topics in a reader-friendly way.

Juris Digital

Juris Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers content writing as one of their many services. Their legal content team can create good quality legal content but their service is more pricey than some of the other options out there.


Verblio is a very budget friendly option. From our testing, the content from Verblio is very hit or miss and it does not seem as if the writers are well versed in legal topics. If you are willing to do some editing and fix facts that are simply incorrect, then this could be a possible option.

The Content Authority

The Content Authority is a content writing service that provides a variety of content for law firms, including blog posts, articles,

and legal case summaries. They have a team of experienced writers who understand the legal industry and can create content that is both engaging and informative. The Content Authority is known for its high-quality writing and fast turnaround times, making them a popular choice among law firms.

PaperStreet Web Design

PaperStreet offers legal content writing and editing services. They specialize in web-friendly legal content that is tailored to both your audience and search engines. They can write a variety of content, including general legal website content, blog posts, practice area content, attorney biographies, press releases, and more.

How To Choose A Legal Content Writing Service

When choosing a legal content writing service, prioritize your budget, deadlines, and expertise needs. If you have a generous marketing budget, a premium service that offers plug-and-play content might be the best route, minimizing your hands-on time compared to a more budget-friendly option that could demand significant edits and oversight. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so testing different services can be smart to find one that reliably delivers high-quality content. Moreover, maintaining clear communication and providing specific feedback are crucial to ensure the content meets your expectations, considering the subjective nature of writing.

How Much Should A Law Firm Pay For A Blog Post?

The cost of a 1,000-word blog post usually ranges from $100 to $500. This variation depends on factors such as the depth of research required, the quality of the writing, and the length of the article. As a general rule, you often get what you pay for; higher-priced articles usually need less editing from you.

Do All Legal Writing Services Create SEO Optimized Content?

Many writing services claim to produce SEO-optimized content, yet often, they lack a deep understanding of SEO. This results in content that isn’t ideally structured to achieve high rankings on Google.

When selecting a content writing service, ensure they truly grasp SEO concepts or can showcase examples of well-optimized content. If you’re uncertain about evaluating SEO quality, consider consulting an SEO expert, watching introductory YouTube tutorials, or contacting LawTurbo. We would be happy to help guide you and ensure your content is on the right track even if you choose not to pick us for your content needs.


Law firms need high-quality content to keep their websites relevant and up-to-date, and investing in content writing services is an excellent way to achieve this goal. Whether you choose LawTurbo, The Content Authority, Blue Seven Content, or a freelance writing platform, make sure you select a service that has experience in the legal industry and can create engaging and informative content that accurately represents your brand and message.

If you’re looking for a content writing service that specializes in serving law firms, be sure to schedule a discovery call with LawTurbo today:

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