As a legal professional, it’s essential to understand the various legal symbols and shortcuts used in legal documents so that you can save as much time as you can in your busy day. Legal symbols play a crucial role in the creation of legal documents, and knowing how to use them is important for producing accurate and professional work.

In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide to legal symbols and keyboard shortcuts.

What Are Legal Symbols?

Legal symbols are essential to the creation of legal documents. They are used to indicate specific meanings, such as “section,” “paragraph,” “amendment,” “copyright,” and “trademark.” Legal symbols are also used to indicate legal citations, such as the section number of a statute or the volume and page number of a legal case.

Common Legal Symbols and Their Meanings

Understanding the meanings of legal symbols is crucial for any legal professional. Here are some of the most common legal symbols and their meanings:

  • Section – §
  • Paragraph – ¶
  • Copyright – ©
  • Registered Trademark – ®
  • Trademark – ™
  • Prescription – ℞

Keyboard Shortcuts for Legal Symbols

Using keyboard shortcuts for legal symbols can save legal professionals a lot of time and effort. Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for legal symbols:

  • Section symbol (§) – Alt + 0167 (Windows) or Option + 6 (Mac)
  • Paragraph symbol (¶) – Alt + 0182 (Windows) or Option + 7 (Mac)
  • Copyright symbol (©) – Alt + 0169 (Windows) or Option + G (Mac)
  • Registered trademark symbol (®) – Alt + 0174 (Windows) or Option + R (Mac)
  • Trademark symbol (™) – Alt + 0153 (Windows) or Option + 2 (Mac)
  • Prescription symbol (℞) – Alt + 8478 (Windows) or Option + x (Mac)

How to Type Legal Symbols Your Computer

Mac Computers

Typing legal symbols on a Mac is simple, and it only requires a few keyboard shortcuts. Here’s how to type legal symbols on a Mac:

  1. Press the “Option” key and the key for the symbol you want to type.
  2. Release the keys to type the symbol.

Windows PC

Typing legal symbols on a Windows PC is also easy and requires a few keyboard shortcuts. Here’s how to type legal symbols on a Windows PC:

  1. Press and hold the “Alt” key.
  2. While holding down the “Alt” key, type the symbol code on the numeric keypad.
  3. Release the “Alt” key to type the symbol.


Knowing how to use legal symbols and keyboard shortcuts is essential for any legal professional. The proper use of these symbols can improve the accuracy and professionalism of legal documents. We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding legal symbols and shortcuts. For more information on how LawTurbo can help your law firm improve its online presence, please schedule a discovery call with us. We are an SEO agency dedicated to helping personal injury lawyers reach their full potential online.

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