Building your marketing toolkit as a young lawyer entering the workforce is incredibly important. No longer do we rely on word of mouth, and slightly crinkled business cards to create a reputation. Instead, the rapid evolution of the digital age has meant that while old tips and tricks still have huge levels of credibility, there is a whole new side to marketing that provides an advantage to those who have mastered it. No matter what techniques or tools you use to market yourself to potential clients, your key focus is building a reputation, a brand, and generating new business. 

What To Consider Before Marketing Your Law Firm

In this section, we will walk you through the three most important factors to consider before marketing your law firm to save you time and money.

Target Audience 

The first rule, before you begin even considering the different ways to market yourself as a lawyer, is to remember who you are marketing yourself out to. 

Are you creating a brand for future employers who might want to hire you at your dream firm in the big city? Are you building your reputation for your small startup firm where you help people protect their property from creditors? 

It doesn’t matter exactly who your target audience is, as long as you have figured out who they are. 


In life, nothing is free. It is therefore important to take your expenses into consideration before you attempt to market your business. Marketing can be done in many different ways, some of which are expensive while others are free.

The only problem with cheap marketing is that, as you might expect, it generally takes a lot of time on your part or it may not be as effective as you hoped. Therefore, before diving into everything, it is important for you to decide where your time is best spent.


As mentioned above, marketing can be extremely time consuming. Certain types of marketing such as social media marketing can be very effective and cheap compared to other forms of marketing but the negative is that it can be extremely time consuming.

While on the other hand, Google Ads or Billboards will take much less of your time but can be very expensive.

So weigh out the pros and cons of each type of marketing is very important.

Different Ways To Market Yourself As A Lawyer

Marketing yourself as a lawyer is essential for building a successful practice and establishing your reputation in a competitive field. From traditional networking to digital strategies, there are numerous ways to promote your legal services. Here are some effective methods to consider for marketing yourself as a lawyer.

Business Cards

The first tool of marketing is the good old business card. Marketing yourself as a lawyer means you have every opportunity to connect with potential clients. For many clients it’s the first interaction they have with you and the brand you are creating. There are two ways you can go when it comes to a business card. 

Traditional Business Cards

The first is you can go the old-fashioned way, a good old 240 gsm card with a print of your key details. But it has to do more than just carry out your key details, it also needs to build trust and make you look professional. Whilst at the same time setting you apart from others. When designing your business card make sure that you:

  • Find a template that reflects the legal brand you are trying to create.
  • Find a professional typeface. Helvetica is the world’s most popular font, while Time New Roman is an age-old favorite of lawyers everywhere. 
  • Settle on a size and shape. You don’t have to settle on a rectangular shape, but remember you are trying to convey reliability and trust.
  • Organize your information in a way that is easily readable, don’t forget that most people reading your business card aren’t going to be lawyers. So, if you’re throwing around complicated words and formatting, it might throw off potential clients. 
  • Do double duty. Business cards have two sides! The digital age is upon us, if you have a website like a blog that you want to advertise, create a QR code on the back of your card. 

Digital Business Cards

The other way to go is to use a digital business card, like Popl. Instead of handing out cards with all your information on them, you can just put a sticker on the back of your phone. 

When you want to share your business card with other people all you need to do is have them tap their phone onto the sticker and they get a pop up of your card that they can save. They don’t need to have an app or anything. 

You could either buy a Popl, or if you don’t feel like paying $20 you could just create your own QR code and stick it on the back of your phone for people to scan as they want.

Create A Website

Create a website. You don’t need to be a super engineer or a coder to develop a website anymore, you just need to know how to use WordPress or other website creator tools. 

A website allows you to highlight your education, pieces you have published, and discuss your expertise within specific areas of the law. 

More than that you must tell visitors to your site how you can fix their issues. You don’t need to necessarily write pages about yourself, just explain the different ways that you are the best person to help. 

A website provides credibility and reliability, it’s an incredible opportunity to market yourself and your legal services to potential clients and the legal community.


As a lawyer, a great way to do this is to publish in a journal or legal guides on your website. You don’t need to win a Pulitzer or anything, but by writing articles that are focused on your specific area of research or practice you can begin to get positive exposure. 

It’s either inexpensive or costs nothing and gives you another way to connect with your target audience whilst showcasing your knowledge and skills. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While creating an awesome website and blog is great, it really is not that effective if no one online can find it. That is why SEO is a very effective way to market your law firm. 

It is possible to learn and implement a great deal of SEO on your own. However, there are some aspects of SEO that you’re most likely to need help with, such as technical SEO, web development, and SEO content writing. So for that side of SEO, it is best to hire a professional SEO agency for lawyers or find a freelancer online who would be able to help.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Over the years, Pay Per Click advertising has grown tremendously with Google Ads, Bing Ads, as well as some newer platforms like TikTok Ads and Snapchat Ads. Having said that, these platforms have become more and more user-friendly for non-PPC experts. 

Today, you can run Google Ads by creating an account, setting your ad budget, watching a few tutorials, and putting your ads up.

However, if you decide to run your own ads, we strongly recommend you do your research beforehand to avoid wasting money since it can be expensive, especially in the legal field.

If you want to get the bang for your buck, try hiring a freelancer or a PPC agency.

Social Media Marketing

Introducing social media in a tactful way you can also begin creating an online persona that can offer good exposure. Instagram and LinkedIn both offer good starting points to begin creating content that will allow you to market yourself to your target audience. This will allow you to engage with potential clients and also showcase your skills to colleagues on a more organic level. 

Public Speaking

Another great way to market yourself in an organic way is to teach a free course, or guest lecture at a university. Not only is this an amazing way to show your values and give back to your community, but your name (or your firm’s name) will be on all of the materials for the class and a part of a discussion held by students. You get an opportunity to demonstrate your particular skills actively, whilst networking and getting your name out there.


So, there are a number of incredible ways to market yourself as a lawyer. By combining both the digital aspect and offline aspect you are able to approach creating a strong reputation from a multi-faceted point of view. By creatively focusing on your strengths, acting with confidence and knowing exactly who your target market is, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your hard work and rapidly grow your legal career.

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